2017 Nail Design Checklist

image of nail polish

This year is filled with surprises in nail designs, but they’re good surprises. Even though we’ve seen so many designs going in and out of our nail salon in Las Vegas, we think it’s best to note some of our favorites. There were so many of them to choose from that it was so difficult to put it all in one blog post. Nonetheless, we’ve decided on the following (these are not in order, so we’ll let your choose which is your top one).

  1. This neutral color is so pretty with the incorporation of dark hues. Along with the thin coat of dark glitter, and we’re sold.


2. The collection of nail decorations with feathers and other trinkets are the winners here. But we’re also very fond of the “stained glass” look on the ring finger which is a well thought of look.


3. Everything about these nails is just so pretty. We’re loving the sparkle of these nails and the pink/purplish solid color really balances out the entire set. And it’s these designs that really makes us proud of being the best nail salon in Las Vegas.


4. This simple and neutral color works so well with any outfit. It keeps a girly look as the bows finish the entire design.


5. This delightful and sparkly set is just what you need when you’re feeling extra girly. After all, who doesn’t like pink?!


6. These nails say, “I’m sweet, but don’t cross my line or else…” It’s a bold design that really stands out for those who are daring and fierce.


7. Can we just say WOW? We haven’t seen a design like this in a while, but when we do, it is a lovely finish. There’s something really earthy about this set that makes us which that it was fall all over again.


8. This set really had to be part of this checklist because look how mesmerizing it appears! The galactic finish on this is enough for people to look and stare!


9. It’s simple but sophisticated at the same time. We’ve mentioned that chrome nails are trending more than ever, and we really want it to continue. We love this set.


10. Just like chrome nails, you’ll be seeing more and more marble nails! We can’t blame others for wanting them.


11. These designs are really making it hard for us to choose which is the best! Our nail salon here in Las Vegas has been working hard so that we only choose the best nail artists out there. And what better way is it to show our work with these beautiful design?


12. It’s classy, and it has “girl boss” written all over it. This is a lovely look that we think every woman should rock at least once!


13. Remember the galactic nails we mentioned earlier? Well, if you want something a bit simpler, you could opt for this design. It still looks mesmerizing and intriguing to look at.


So what are you waiting for? Visit our nail salon in Las Vegas now! If you liked this collection of nails, visit our portfolio to see which ones you want us to do for you!