3 Ingredients You Need to Avoid in Your Hair Care Products

image of someone's back of hair

We’re on a day in age where many of us avoid harmful ingredients and toxic chemicals. It seems like many brands are shifting to all-natural products in the light of criticism within the cosmetic industry.

Both conditioners and shampoos, in particular, have a lot of harmful ingredients. It’s so bad that some consumers decided to make their own haircare as expext-developed shampoos could end up damaging their hair. If this sounds like you, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to be health conscious. The following are ingredients you need to avoid when buying hair products.


Chances are, you’ve probably have heard of sulfates already. Every natural hair care brands would proudly state that their products are free of sulfate. But what are they?

One main thing you should think about when you think of sulfates is that they’re chemical detergents. That’s not all bad, right? It’s used because it’s highly effective in removing oil and dirt, but it’s a little too effective. You see, sulfates have harsh results on your scalp and hair. This could strip your natural moisture that keeps your locks¬†soft and shiny.


This is another chemical that’s widely hated amongst many communities. They’re the ones you should avoid in personal and beauty products. What are they? Parabens are xenoestrogens meaning they contain similar compositions of the human body. Unfortunately, these are theorized to disturb hormones and could give you high risks in cancer.


This probably sounds like bad news to you, but truth be told, fragrances should be avoided at all costs. The only exception to that is with the incorporation of essential oil which will clearly state on the package. If the product says, fragrance, this should be avoided.