Bold, New Nail Designs For 2017

image of nail technician filing nails

2017 is here, and that means we’re transitioning to new nail designs. Gone are the days when women want French tips every week. No! Nowadays, we’re seeing more hip looking designs that represent the personality of every woman. And hey, we’re not complaining! We love all the designs that have been submitted to us by our talented nail artists! It’s in their efforts that really makes us stand out in the crowd making us the best nail salon in Las Vegas.

Now, the trends that we’ve seen lately has been varying. Take a look at some nail designs that we think will be dominating this year:


Yeah, those little dots on the nails are no accident! They bring a little bit of personality on the design making them one of the things that we may be seeing this year. In fashion week, many nails have actually been going abstract similar to the dotted nail designs. Of course, minus sparkles on the ring finger and French tips.

Gold Flakes

They’re so classy and mesmerizing to look at. We’ve been getting more of these designs at the nail salon which is so interesting to see! You won’t believe how creative some of our nail technicians¬†get with this stuff! They are incredible.

Marble Nails

Marble has been popularizing on Instagram. Phone cases, backdrops, and other things use marble as a resemblance of luxury. Now, they’re on nails which are so pretty! We’ve seen a huge demand for this design and we can totally understand why. Of course, our nail salon in Las Vegas can work on any nail art including this fantastic layout.

Side Accents

Notice something different about these nails? Instead of a typical French tip, the glitter extends to the roof of the nails. They’re a side accent that flatters the entire set. Don’t be surprised to see more of that this year because they will be trending.


We’ve been obsessing about these nails for a while now. They’ve recently been popularizing since summer, and they’re not going anywhere anytime soon! We mean, it’s difficult not to like them; they’re hypnotizing.