Nailed and Lashed: The Best Nail Salon in Las Vegas

image of a woman holding a platter of skin care products

When you’re looking for the best nail salon in Las Vegas, you can be sure to find it at Nailed and Lashed. Many clients from all across the valley can only say good things about them because of the services that they offer. Their customers come first, and they avidly listen to them as they continue to grow their portfolio. So what makes Nailed and Lashed the number spot for nails and lashes?


If you’re looking for affordable prices, Nailed and Lashed has got you covered. Watch out for their promotions via social media and they promise that the deals are hard to resist. From 20% off specials to free nail art designs, you can be sure that you can find a bargain that you’re looking for. Make sure to follow them on Facebook as many of their promotions are showcased there!

Friendly Staff

Nailed and Lashed only hires the best of the best in Las Vegas. Not only do they look for talent, but they also look for someone who will genuinely care about customer support. They understand that providing good customer service can go a long way!

Quality Service

They know that you’ll be spending your hard-earned money to them. This means that they will provide the best quality service by choosing the best polishes and techniques so that you’re getting more for your dollar. There’s nothing like nail color sticking longer than expected, right?

Quality Products

They only stick to quality products because they know that cheap doesn’t cut it. They don’t cut corners in materials because it hinders quality work. That being said, they’re proud to show you the best nail designs that Las vegas has to offer.


When you want some time for yourself, you can do that at Nailed and Lashed. Listen to music while to lounge of a very comfortable seat. Enjoy a chat with your nail technitian or watch tv! Whatever it is that you need, they’ll be sure to accomodate accordingly.