From Fall to Halloween Nails

halloween themed nails

Can you tell that we just can’t get enough of Halloween? Last week’s blog was all about Halloween, and we want to share more about the the day with you since we’ve been getting more photos from our nail artists about it. Our nail salon in Las Vegas has been overwhelmed with demands on Halloween and fall-themed nails that we’ve been getting ourselves more practice on the subject.

A Touch of Fall in the Nail Salon

collage of fall nails

Deanna is a real nail artist at heart with her talent exceeding through the roof. She’s been turning in photos to us in the light of the fall season as many of her clients are into the fall-season spirit. We mean, who can blame them? The fall season is one of the best seasons out there! The weather isn’t so hot, and the change from green trees to shades of yellow and orange is just fantastic!

So, you better believe that we’ve been exhausting our inventory of polishes in colors, black, orange, green, and yellow just for the season! We love seeing our customers getting into the spirit of the festivities!

The candy corn-themed nail is created by another talented nail artist named Shantel. We’re in love with the whole nail set. The pinky nail and index finger honestly looks similar to a corn candy! With the orange background on the ring finger along with a studded ribbon– it is a perfection.

Halloween-Themed Nails

nightmare before christmas nails

Can you guess what’s been a popular demand on Halloween-themed nails? You guessed it right– A Nightmare Before Christmas. It’s gotten to the point where our nail artists aren’t surprised by requests anymore, and they’ve gotten Jack Skellington done to the detail. Here is a fabulous work from one of our nail artists doing her magic as an example!

halloween themed nails

This photo was taken by our nail manager, Asia. She is so gifted in this industry that you can even say… We’re proud of her work. These set of nails just completes the whole image of Halloween from spiders to the dawn of night.

Whatever your style is, we have a nail artist just for you. Check out our nail artists’ profiles to see which ones you like! And when you’re ready, give us a call at 702-902-2200!