Happy Thanksgiving Day!

thanksgiving banner

We wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! We’re hoping that you’re all having a lovely time with your family filled with laughter, love, and food! This day is extra special to us because as the year closes in, there are so many things that we are thankful for:

Our Nail and Lash Artists

We would not be here today without the help of our nail and lash artists. They’re our rock, and without their dedication, our business would not be around. They’re all talented in their own way, and as a team, we are Las Vegas’ best nail salon. When we pick our nail technicians and lash artists in Las Vegas, we think of two things: talent and personality. We want someone who has lots of talent that can put their efforts on the table, and we’re looking for a character that flows smoothly with our group.


Nailed and Lashed has become the best nail salon in Las Vegas for a reason. It is from our regulars and visitors that pass the word, to let your friends and family about us. We’re incredibly grateful¬†that you’re around. Every day, we think of special promotions so that we can better serve you in a way that you’re enjoying your time with us. Not only that, we want to provide you with the best results possible. Again, we are thankful for our customers! Without your loyalty, our team and business would not be here.

New Business Ventures

We’ve announced it on Facebook a couple of times already, but we’re excited about opening another nail salon in Las Vegas! We’re so excited about as it’s a huge step up for us. The venue is huge so that we can cater different services besides nails and lashes! The efforts done on this place has been remarkable, and we see progress as each day go by.

Our Work

We’re thankful for the work that we can produce for the Las Vegas community. Because of the talent pouring into the salon, we can create quality nails that deem us the best nail salon in Las Vegas. For that, we are incredibly grateful.