Happy Veterans Day


red nails

Happy Veterans Day! Today marks the day that we salute our veterans who risked their lives to protect us. Whether that was the war in Vietnam or WWII, it is time to pay our respects to each and one of them.

We Appreciate the Troops

We truly appreciate veterans as they give us the opportunity to sleep soundly at night and continue with living our lives without fear. For one thing, we wouldn’t have our nail salon in Las Vegas if we were so afraid to leave our home. Today, we think it’s best to think about what advantages and privileges they’ve given us that we’re taking for granted.

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Truly, this a beautiful country will lot of opportunities to thrive in style, personality, and ambitions. Again, our nail salon in Las Vegas wouldn’t be where it is now if our country isn’t safe from the hand of wrongdoers. Whoever they may be.

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Collage of Red, White and Blue

red white and blue nails

This morning, we dug through hundreds of photos of red, white, and blue to represent our nation’s colors and we came up with this! We love how each one accounts for a color to unite one meaning– patriotism. As this day continues to progress, remember our brave veterans!

We also welcome you to join us today to celebrate this day! Get an American flag painted on your nails! If you’re feeling creative, we challenge you to apply it on the nails to represent your patriotism! Don’t forget to look at our portfolio to get some inspirations from our talented nail artists! We are the best nail salon in Las Vegas which is why we are ready to show you what we have in store for you!