Nailed and Lashed Halloween

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Halloween is all about letting your imagination run wild and tapping into your creativity to pull off costumes worth admiring. Whether you’re going to Pinterest for inspirations or simply doing a Google search, you want everything to look pur-fect for the upcoming festivities. And this is exactly what some of our customers have been doing in the light of the occasion.

Day of the Dead

Dia de los muertos nails black nails

Can someone say “Dia De Los Muertos” on these? They vibrate beautifully designed skulls! Our nail artist Deanna is so talented in nail art that words can’t even describe our fascination on such creativity. If you ask us which is our favorite? We dare not choose between two perfections.

Darkest Night

black nails with moon

There’s nothing like sporting claws to creep up the night. They’re stylish and all around fabulous. Sprinkle some glitter on these bad boys and your friends will be asking where you got those nails from. Of course, the answer is always– NAILED AND LASHED!

The painted golden moon completes the nails as it speaks a spooktacular set. It’s best to sport these with any costume particularly a wicked witch!

The Freaks Come Out at Night

spooky nails

These Halloween-themed nails are spooky and fab, fab, fab! What better way is it to make them on claws?! You know that upbeat song “The Freaks Come Out at Night”? This is a total reminder of it as mysterious eyes peer from a spiraled tree-cat hybrid. It’s like an illustration that was inspired by a dream. This is definitely an imagination worth sharing.

The Classics of Halloween

skeleton nailsspider web nails


There’s no Halloween without skeletons and spider webs. And can we just praise the artwork done on both of them?! The “blood” on the first one was over-the-top creative as crystal studs complete the entire spine. With a crossed out bones on the foreground and the illusion of blood on the background, you have yourself a complete havoc!

Let’s not forget the spider webs with a splash of black “soot” It’s completely spooky and mysterious upon first glance. The whole look of done on claw-like nails!