Less is more? NOT in our Lash Lounge!


Find yourself relaxing in our lash lounge as one of our artists take care of you. Close your eyes and sit back while we provide you with a spa-like service. At Nailed and Lashed, we set ourselves apart by treating you like the Goddess you truly are!

Adhering the individual lashes is easy as we use medical-grade glue to apply the semi-permanent extensions. Unlike other lash lounges, we only use quality material to give you bold, beautiful lashes. We exceed the standards of perfection by giving you your desired results. We don’t go for second best because Goddesses don’t settle for less. See our affordable rates and book an appointment today.

Note: To ensure the safety and comfort of all our Lash Customers, children are not permitted in our lash lounge.

Lash Extensions Las Vegas

Imported Siberian Mink Lashes


Full Set – ON SALE at our Sahara Location for $99

We believe lashes should be made affordable for everyone at least once. In an effort to ensure to you stand out amongst all the glitz and glamor only Las Vegas.


Sin City Diva – ON SALE at our Sahara Location for $99

For Vegas Vixens Only! Voluptuous and as velvety as you can get!
Now that’s hot! This full set is not for everyone, but for those of us blessed with strong and full natural lashes, the Sin City Diva is a home run!


Hollywood Glam – ON SALE at our Sahara Location for $99

Get Glamorous with an elegantly appointed set of luscious lashes that will definitely turn some heads! This set is our most popular. Who doesn’t want to wake up wonderful? You’re gonna love your lashes so much you will never go back to a messy, gunky, tube of mascara again!


Face of an Angel – ON SALE at our Sahara Location for $99

Are those real? No one will be able to tell. You’ll look even more amazing when you wake up! This set is for the natural beauty, born this way, I hardly ever wear makeup, ladies of the universe. Let us enhance what God gave you pretty girl.


Lashes Fill

1 Fills Classic $55 Mixed $70 Volume $85 (Regular fill replaces 30%)

2 Mini Lash Fill Classic $35 Mixed $40 Volume $50 (Touch up replaces 20%)

3 Major Fill Classic $75 Mixed $90 Volume $105 (A much needed fill replaces 40%)

Just a Quickie Makeup Removal Lash Extension Facial Add On

*15 min- No time, rushing from work? Get relaxed and ready to be Lashed with is amazing add on that improves the retention of your lash extensions. Our Lash Bath Facial will cleanse your lashes, tone and moisturize your skin.


Mixed Set – ON SALE at our Sahara Location for $149

A Combination of Classic and Volume


Customized Volume Lashing – ON SALE at our Sahara Location for $179

This technique consists of applying multiple extensions to each natural lash called fanning. The extensions used are much finer and lighter version of the Faux Siberian Mink Lashes used in our single lash to lash applications listed above. They do not damage the natural lash, look clumpy, or feel too heavy.

Look for Our Lash Specials available at our Brand New Location on Sahara Ave.


Lash Removal



Lash Series Specials (Sahara Location Only) valid 120 days from date of first use


Classic Fills Series of 5 $225 Save $50

Mixed Fill Series of 5 $295 save $55

Volume Fill Series of 5 $365 Save $60


Lash Extension Policy

Please make sure that you are Love’n your Lashes before you leave the Salon! We will not schedule any fixes, adjustments, or repairs once you leave the Salon.

It is imperative that you follow the aftercare instructions if you do not your lashes will fall out. Please note that it is sometimes impossible for certain clients to having the lasting results that others may. We cannot control our movements while sleeping, watery eyes, excessive sweating, or oily skin. Some of us will need fills often where others can go for weeks.

Please come to your appointment with Makeup Free Lashes or your results will be compromised. As a courtesy to others, only customers getting services are allowed in our Lash Lounge, and no cell phone conversations, please.

Please arrive 10 minutes early for your appointment if you are new to Nailed & Lashed to fill out our Lash Consent Form. Returning customers please be on time for your appointments. If you arrive late, your Lash Artist will not have the necessary time allotment to complete the service you are paying for.

If you need to cancel your appointment, please make sure to cancel 6 hours in advance, or you will lose your deposit. An additional charge of 50% of the scheduled service will be taken for no shows to scheduled appointments.

Thank you for your cooperation!