Social Media: Follow Our Nail Salon in Las Vegas

If there’s one thing that has helped our nail salon in Las Vegas to grow, it’s social media. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter, these entities has nothing but power! Don’t believe us? Well, when we ask our customers where they’ve heard about us, many of them will mention social media. It’s the very thing that has given us discovery on the grid.

Of course, we would not be the best nail salon in Las Vegas if it wasn’t for the help of our nail technicians. All their hard work has provided returning customers. So, what are some things you might see from our pages? Well, if you’re new, you may notice a lot of nails and lashes photos. These are not an accident! We are extremely fond of what we have to offer the Las Vegas community.

Check out some of our work on our galleries and see for yourself. If that’s not enough, you’d be surprised to see our nail salon in Las Vegas with an easy visit to our Facebook page.

Examples of our work:

photo of lashes

Dee is one of our talented nail technicians in Las Vegas. She is also a great lash artist, and this can be seen from her work. The fantastic setup of these lashes is just wanted you to need for an evening out.

sparkling nails by asia

This was a submission from a client done by Asia who is our salon manager. One of the things we highlight here at Nailed and Lashed is that we’re excellent in nail art whether it’s a simple or sophisticated design.

image of pink nails

Pink is our color. Add a splash of sparkles in there, and you’re ready! Our nail salon in Las Vegas has the technicians you need to get the nails that you want. We certainly remember this particular customer that wanted these set of nails; she was super happy about the whole experience.

image of cosmic nails

Our nail technician, Lorena did a great job making these nails look so cosmic! Just looking at it is so mesmerizing!