In the Spirit of Christmas

The Christmas season is the busiest time of the year for us here at our nail salon in Las Vegas. More and more women are interested in getting holiday-themed nails that we’ve got the cutest designs in store just for you. So, when you’re looking for some inspirations, we’ve pulled up some of our favorites to help you make a decision.

White Snowflake Nailart

Our nail salon in Las Vegas has been getting a high demand of snowflakes. Why? Well, for starters, they’re simplistic that people can enjoy them when they don’t want to go full-blown Christmas. Even with simple French tips along with one or two nail art is enough to celebrate the Christmas season without going overboard.

image of holiday nailsimage of holiday nails

Dashing Red Holiday Nails

Red is the color of Christmas followed by shades of green and white. But nothing speaks Christmas more than red. It represents Santa and candy canes! So, our nail artists in Las Vegas collaborated some ideas and came up with the cutest designs. Of course, our clients also had some things in mind, and when they’re done, they come up with these beauties. At this point, we’re not sure which one is our favorite? Care to tell us yours?

nailed-and-lashed-3image of red santa nails

image of holiday nailsimage of holiday nailsimage of santa nailsimage of holiday nails

Brilliance in Christmas Lights

Okay, these Christmas lights are just brilliant. It looks as though they’re entangled around each other, right? And along with that are nail rhinestones to make the lightbulbs appear 3-D. Pretty clever design.

image of holiday nails

Highlighting the Winter Season

Christmas is not complete without snowmen, penguins, and snowflakes. What better way is it to incorporate all three? Honestly, we’ve seen the prettiest things here at our nail salon in Las Vegas. If you ask us, it’s hard to select a favorite.

image of holiday nails

images of a white christmas nailsnail art